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Bear and Diva

Bear and Diva

If you are looking for a pair of cats that are full of character then Bear and Diva are the cats for you.
These two did not come in together but have paired up and become the best of friends. Neither had a good start, but they are a pair of cheeky scamps with boundless energy.
Bear was bought online and from what we know he was only five weeks at the time. We were told he was very aggressive and that is why the owner could not keep him. He is in fact just a typical kitten, lots of energy and wanting attention. He is a sweetheart. Bear is five months old.
Diva came to us in a very bad way, her owner had left it too long to take her to the vets and she was so poorly. It has been a long road to recovery but she is now fighting fit. She is called Diva for a reason, she is a total diva! Diva is a year old.
We are looking for a home with a safe garden, a cat savvy dog would be fine, they are also ok with other cats. A family home where they can get lots of playtime and fuss would be ideal, however, older children would be better as Diva does not like to be pulled about.
What more can we say about these two? 

If you can give Bear and Diva a loving forever home, please contact Cats in Crisis:


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