Cats in Crisis Thanet

We rescue and rehome cats in the Thanet area, with particular concern for elderly cats and ferals. Registered charity no. 1122296

Bonny Bowie


Bowie has not had the best life but we are hoping all that will change now and he can find a fabulous home.
Bowie was a neighbourhood stray, being cared for by a small group of local residents until one decided he did not want him around, so for his own safety Bowie came into us. Prior to this Bowie had an owner who rehomed him to somebody else, that person then decided they did not want him either and turfed him out! So, Bowie has a long history of being unwanted and unloved.
Due to having to fend for himself he can be a little defensive. We think he may have some exotic in him and can, therefore, be arrogant in nature and very, very vocal. He loves a chatter this boy. He would like a home with no other pets or small children.
He really needs a loving but firm, cat experienced owner. We are sure he just needs a bit of taming and to know that he is going to be looked after rather than having to look after himself. We believe Bowie to be about ten.

If you can give Bowie a loving forever home, please contact Cats in Crisis:


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