Cats in Crisis Thanet

We rescue and rehome cats in the Thanet area, with particular concern for elderly cats and ferals. Registered charity no. 1122296

Permanent foster: Snowy and Bungee

Snowy and Bungee

Some of you will remember Snowy and Bungee from when we did a story on them a few months back. When they came to us they sadly had cancer of the ears, they have both had to have their ears amputated but are now fully recovered and looking for a home.

Snowy and Bungee are available via our permanent foster scheme. This means you adopt them and pay for their food, flea and worm treatment etc. But, we will continue to cover any vet bills.

Snowy and Bungee are mother and son, she is 14 and he is 13 years’ old. Both are adorable, Snowy loves being brushed & will snuggle on your lap forever. Bungee loves to lick & nibble your nose, he also loves tossing his toys in the air. So funny & entertaining. They both dribble & purr loudly when they’re being fussed over. We are looking for a quiet home with a garden. Due to their medical history, we would advise any potential owner to read up on looking after a pale coloured cat.
Neither cat has any medical issues now and they really are a pair that are young at heart. 

If you can give Snowy and Bungee a loving forever home, please contact Cats in Crisis:


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