Cats in Crisis Thanet

We rescue and rehome cats in the Thanet area, with particular concern for elderly cats and ferals. Registered charity no. 1122296

Lofty (aka The Toad)


Lofty (aka The Toad) had been a stray for at least 6 months before a kind Cats in Crisis supporter alerted us to his condition. When we took him in he was emaciated, riddled with worms and fleas, un-neutered, and hated everything. Now 9 months’ on, he’s put on weight and is his stocky normal self again, full of love and affection. He adores human companionship, and doesn’t mind other cats, but he has a tendency to bully them, due to living by his wits for so long we suspect. Due to this, we are looking for a home with no other felines.
Lofty is desperate to go out again and explore, but he will always check now that his human can let him in again or he gets quite distressed.
Lofty would be happiest in a home where he can rule the roost and be adored. We think he is around two and will be ok in a home with older (school age) children.

If you can give Lofty a loving forever home, please contact Cats in Crisis:


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