Cats in Crisis Thanet

We rescue and rehome cats in the Thanet area, with particular concern for elderly cats and ferals. Registered charity no. 1122296

Neutering help

Whether your cat is male or female, there are lots of reasons why it should be neutered – for the benefit of the cat, the general cat population, and even yourself!

Help is available if you are on benefits or low income.

If you can arrange your own transport, please try these options in the first instance:

The Cats Protection provide low cost neutering for cats within postcode areas CT7-CT12. Phone them on 01227 360432 or contact them on their Facebook page to see if you are eligible for their voucher scheme. You can find more information on the Cats Protection Thanet website.

The RSPCA Isle of Thanet Branch runs a monthly neutering bus service at their Woodchurch Animal Centre in Birchington. Please visit their website for full information and dates – you need to book in advance.

If neither of the above alternatives are suitable, please contact us, and we will do our best to provide affordable neutering for your cat; we can also arrange transport:

Why is neutering a good idea?

Let the cats tell you themselves…


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