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We rescue and rehome cats in the Thanet area, with particular concern for elderly cats and ferals. Registered charity no. 1122296

Remembering friends of CIC

We’ve set up this page at the suggestion of the friend of a lady who passed away and wished that a donation should be made to Cats in Crisis in her memory.

Over the years, many people have given us donations in memory of a departed family member or friend, and animal lovers have remembered us with a gift in their will. Some are people who have a personal connection to us, but often we don’t know these friends until they are gone. So we welcome the opportunity to remember them here.

Such donation and legacies have, over the past years, made a huge difference to our ability to carry on our work, helping us invest in the welfare of cats and make sure that homeless cats are well cared for or placed in loving homes, and we are so grateful.

meadow-catIn memoriam

We would like to remember the following departed friends of Cats in Crisis.


(Winnie Girt)
If ever I get to Heaven, please, Peter let there be
Purring by the Golden Gates, a cat to welcome me.
By crystal fountain, clear and cool, I’d like a place to stop,
To watch a languid pussy paw curl out to catch a drop.
And if an angel feather drifts gently down from space,
Surely there’ll be a kitten there to whirl in frenzied chase.
But if, in Heaven’s great mansions, for a cat there is no room,
Then Peter, lock the gates again – I’m going straight back home.


  • Joan Arthur
  • Beatrice Barnes
  • Beverley Beckett
  • Norma Boast’s mother Triss
  • Pat Brown
  • Linda Susan Cooper
  • Margaret Moira Crole
  • Barbara Jean da Silva
  • Roy Fox
  • Amy Florence Hemmings
  • Eileen Mary Hodgson
  • Linda Jacobs
  • Kevin Lowery’s mother
  • Margaret McGrath
  • Bert Parsley
  • Alex Ruranski
  • Jackie Smith
  • Carol Anne Stark
  • Louis Stott


  • John Andrew Chantler
  • Kim Cooper
  • Belle Gray’s mother
  • Adam Keighley
  • Eileen Susan Ruffell
  • Joy Sheridan’s friend Ken
  • Gordon Henry Ward
  • Barbara White

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